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Burble Art Studios - April Update

Illustration/Writing Updates

Reading nature writing brings me much joy. I hope that my writing and illustration efforts carry forward a little happiness and wellbeing to you. This month's illustrated writing is below.

Round and About Magazine have offered me a space to share musings of our connection with nature in a regular monthly column which is a delight to create.

I am slowly putting together some illustrations (cards/postcards/prints) for my embryonic Etsy shop along side my monthly illustrated letters. I'll let you know when the shop is fully stocked. Everything is at discounted price until I reach my first 100 orders as a thank you for helping me to get this venture off the ground.

I also have another offer from my gratitude. I have been thinking about an illustration download for email subscribers which could be printed or used as wallpaper. I'd be really grateful if you could get in touch and let me know if this is something you'd be interested in so I know that its worth spending the time to set this up.

The Nature Sketchbook - April Notes

The Nature Sketchbook - April

Since late February, bluebell stems have been forging their way through the earth’s crust, creeping slowly, whispering so quietly in the wind that they were barely noticed. 

Now is the season of their fanfare when their full beauty rings out.

A favourite British flower, sometimes, jostling in rowdy crowds, sometimes sitting in solitary reflection on roadside verges as Anne Bronte wrote:


"O, that lone flower recalled to me

My happy childhood's hours

When bluebells seemed like fairy gifts

A prize among the flowers"

(The Bluebell)


Bluebells, evoke thoughts of both past and future.


Hope, always looks forward and positively. Maybe the hopeful nature of bluebells lies in their timing? They ride on the coat tails of March, so uncertain of its identity, sometimes wearing its winter coat, sometimes a sun hat.

Once into April when bluebells flourish, the seasons seem more settled and the certainty of longer and generally warmer days is promised for months ahead.


Nostalgia brings happy reminiscing, also tints of blue sadness. Bluebells are old souls, native flowers who grace the floors of ancient woodlands. Whilst they appear abundant to those who live in wooded areas, they are not as populous as they once were. Their homes destroyed as up to 70% of native broadleaf ancient woodland has been lost. Their vulnerability is recognised through legal protection.


The yard of my grandparent’s terrace house in the north of England was concrete save for the large, raised bed full to bursting with bluebells.


To a small child, bluebells were a riotous unkempt carpet of gorgeous blue enjoyed alongside sticky fingers from too many Mr Kipling’s cakes and the backdrop of a warm kitchen welcome. Nostalgic? Yes. A favourite flower? Also, yes.

Studio & Other Notes


Preparations continue for my next exhibitions of paintings for Open Studios and Artweeks:

May 2024

  • West Berkshire Museum, Newbury

  • The Base, Greenham

  • Arlington Arts, North Newbury*

  • Earth Trust, Wittenham, Oxfordshire

*There will be a private view at Arlington Arts, if you'd like to come along please let me know and I'll send you an invitation!

Enquiries/Studio Visits

You can contact me here for studio visits, collaboration or any other enquiry.


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