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Burble Art Studios - March Update

The Nature Sketchbook - March Notes

The Nature Sketchbook - March

March many weathers is here.

Although, the first month of meteorological spring, March is such an unresolved month, sometimes clinging on to freezing conditions and snow, unsure whether or when to allow the slow warm fingers of spring to get a hold.

It is nevertheless a joyful month when spring flowers ignore the meteorological hesitancy to harness sunshine and bring us verges of yellow primroses, cowslips, celandines, dandelions and narcissi/daffodils.

Where there are flowers, there are usually butterflies.

In March we begin to see them emerge and arrive. Red admiral butterflies typically migrated from North Africa and were seen from spring onwards. In 2023, there was a 400% increase in their UK population! Experts suggest this may be due to the species now overwintering here rather than migrating due to warmer temperatures resulting from climate change.

Many of our early spring flowers are yellow because early pollinators, mainly insects, are attracted to the colour which isn't yellow at all to them but appears instead as ultra-violet blue.

I couldn't write about March without reference to idiomatic mad hares.

I have seen hares in West Berkshire but not engaged in the boxing behaviour which inspired the phrase.

Boxing hares are a tale of unrequited ardour. Male buck hares pursue female doe hares in the hope of mating and then, it seems, take things too far. Any unimpressed doe will demonstrate her lack of interest in dramatic fashion by turning on the buck and thumping him, initiating a boxing match when fur may fly!

Studio & Other Notes


I am preparing for my next exhibitions and painting lots of trees, landscapes and seascapes. Some are available on my website, some will only be available from the exhibitions.

May 2024

  • West Berkshire Museum, Newbury

  • The Base, Greenham

  • Arlington Arts, North Newbury

  • Earth Trust, Wittenham, Oxfordshire

Illustrated Writing:

If you have been here for a while, you will know that I have been trying my hand at writing alongside visual art.

In many ways writing was the cornerstone of my corporate working life but starting to write more creatively is a different challenge. Factual writing has an important role but I have realised that for what I want to say to be engaging, true and authentic, I need to write more personally.

I am taking it in small steps. Learning to write about nature. Observing and listening to nature's wisdom. Trying to capture facts. Also, feelings, stories, connections and messages just as I would in paint.

I am so grateful for your support for my illustrated letters which give me accountability, and small writing goals each month and hopefully bring some cheer through your letterbox.

Enquiries/Studio Visits

You can contact me here for studio visits, collaboration or any other enquiry.


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