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Burble Art Studios - February Update

The Nature Sketchbook - February Notes

As we head into the final month of winter, the woodland and garden birds can offer welcome glimpses of colour in an otherwise still and often frozen landscape.

Birds like the nuthatch, mistle thrush, treecreeper, various tits, finches and even woodpeckers are resident here but we might be more aware of them when they are searching for food in our gardens in the winter without the canopy of leaves.

Treecreepers and nuthatches are not related but they appear somewhat similar in that they climb along trunks and branches in search of food. Indeed, I have seen both on the rowan tree in my garden. Their movements are distinctive though. Of the two tree climbers, the treecreeper is like the stalagmite, always heading up and certainly on my rowan tree in a cyclical motion. The nuthatch on the other hand is more of a stalactite for although it will climb upwards it is often seen working its way down the tree too.

Surprisingly, the two master climbers do not compete for food as the treecreeper eats insects exclusively whilst the nuthatch is a seed and nut specialist. As the rowan tree does not offer either nut or seed to the latter, I wonder whether my garden visitor has been stashing food behind the bark flakes or in little crevices as they are also known to store and remember food for as long as 30 days! As we head into the short month of February, then, I may not see my visitor again before the end of the month.

Publication Notes

Round and About magazine  has run a feature this month telling my story. I am also excited to announce I will be writing/illustrating a monthly online nature sketchbook column for the magazine.

You can read the feature in print or online and the column will be online soon. However as valued subscribers you already receive a copy directly to your inbox every month, as below.

Studio & Other Notes


I am preparing for my next exhibitions

  • May 2024 - Open Studios at West Berkshire Museum

  • May 2024 - Oxfordshire Artweeks at Earth Trust nr Abingdon


The next illustrated letter will feature an adventure into the history and architecture of the City of Bath. The postcards will include the above illustration and a bonus watercolour landscape from my January nature journal. These Letters of Discovery will land in my shop here and on Etsy in the next few days.


Art for wellbeing starts this month at West Berkshire Museum and if you have booked, I will send you details and a reminder a week beforehand. 

Enquiries/Studio Visits

You can contact me here for studio visits, collaboration or any other enquiry.


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